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Don’t Buy Andarine (S4) Until You Read This Review…

We have been closely following SARMS ever since they were first announced, way back in the early nineties.

This was just about the time when we started to discover that everything about Trenbolone wasn’t as hunky, dory as it was made out to be. The mental sides were real and some of them were serious.

Winstrol was wrecking our hairline.

Let’s say that the mere mention of a purely ‘anabolic’ compound that had zero androgenic side effects was too appealing to most of us.

So, when the first SARM appeared on the black market, we readily hopped on.

But it was a terribly under dosed, clouded liquid that smelt like horse piss. We chased it down with orange juice.

A year later, Andarine S4 appeared on the horizon and changed things forever.

For the first time, we had a legitimate PED that was giving incredible results without causing hair to sprout from places that you don’t want to know about.

Cut to today, all that one gets to read about is LGD-4033, RAD-140, MK-677 and YK-11.

S4 has been swept under the carpet.

But if you are dabbling in SARMS and aren’t using S4, then you are missing out on what is one of the best performance enhancement compounds in the world.

Here are five reasons why.

#1 – S4 gives you strength and lean muscle

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Much before GTX’s star candidate Ostarine made it big by becoming the first SARM to be clinically tested on humans, Andarine was its most promising drug.

That’s because it showed remarkable efficacy in binding selectively to androgen receptors in muscle and bone, while having only mild agonist activity in the prostate gland.

Without sounding too nerdy, S4 will increase lean muscle mass, even at very low doses.

You thought Ostarine was the perfect first SARM compound? Andarine ticks all the right boxes as well.

It won’t turn you into a bloated balloon with tons of water and glycogen. It won’t overwhelm you with a lot of strength gains. Everything will be manageable.

What makes this a remarkable compound is that despite having a similar mechanism of action as other SARMS, it has a very unique effect on the body.

We’ll touch on this in a bit.

#2 – Andarine burns fat

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There are very few SARMS that can increase lean muscle while trimming fat from your midsection.

There’s RAD 140 that does it. But only to a very small extent.

Cardarine does it. But again, it doesn’t build a ton of muscle while it burns fat. So it would be better suited for a cutting stack as opposed to a bulking or maintenance stack.

But S4 is an amazing compound that was proven in animal models to reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle.

Imagine the possibilities of incorporating such a compound into your stack.

You can pair it with LGD-4033 for body recomposition. You can stack it with RAD-140 for a shredded look.

You can use it with MK-677 to make some neat gains that can be retained year round.

#3 – S4 SARM increases bone mineral density

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Isn’t it a tad unfortunate that there’s so much focus on muscle gain that we tend to neglect bone wasting, which is one of the commonest health problems in women post the age of 40?

In almost all preclinical animal models, Andarine increased bone mineral density while preventing bone loss, with more efficiency than Testosterone.

When Testosterone is used for increasing bone density, some of it gets converted into DHT, which amplifies the risk of androgenic side effects.

Not with S4.

It may well be one of the only SARMS with a great safety profile that can increase bone mineral density.

#4 – Andarine makes you vascular

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Increased vascularity is a much sought after result from supplements and performance enhancement compounds.

However, your options are surprisingly limited.

You can either guzzle expensive supplements that make ridiculous claims, like increasing Nitric Oxide to make your veins pop.

Or, you can use gear.

Andarine gives you a safe middle ground. It does not cause the side effects that come with gear use. Nor does it fob you off.

It makes your body appear dry and vascular, much like Winstrol does.

If you have been reluctantly using RAD-140, risking suppression and amplified liver values, maybe you should give S4 a shot.

It will give you the cosmetic finish that you seek.

#5 – S4 SARM is the Winstrol alternative

legal alternative to winstrol

Time and again, S4 has been compared to DHT in the type of results that one can achieve with it.

One of these is making your muscles appear more defined.

Think of it like adding Winstrol, which is a DHT derivative, to the last few weeks of your Test and Deca cycle. Winny will shed the extra water in no time and make you look absolutely peeled with striated muscle fibers.

Andarine has a very similar effect. If you are struggling with ‘wet’ gains on LGD-4033, throw in some S4 during the last few weeks of the cycle and you will look hard and defined.

The pumps will last all day.

In fact, S4 can very well be called the ‘low dose, low risk’ Winny of the SARMS world.

#6 – Andarine is not as suppressive as most other SARMS

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This is based purely on anecdotal reviews. But Andarine is not considered to be as suppressive as other SARMS like LGD-4033 or RAD-140.

In fact, it may not even be as suppressive as Ostarine.

This makes it a great compound to add to a stack, if you do not want to risk severe suppression.

Let’s say you have just recovered from an LGD cycle. But are yearning to begin your next cycle as soon as possible.

How about S4 with MK-677? Neither are suppressive compounds and will allow you to keep the gains that you make during the Ligandrol cycle.

Closing thoughts

If that piqued your interest, then go ahead and give Andarine a shot.

One thing that must be mentioned though, is that S4’s half-life, which is touted to be 4-hours may in fact be much more.

There are some anecdotal reports that suggest that the serum concentrations in the body indicate that the half-life may well be 36-hours or even 48-hours.

Andarine S4 Review
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